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opened the Door and looked in and then shut the
Door again - I attempted to pass them but some one
in front said you must keep behind us you must
not go to Newport before we do - I kept behind
them until I came near The Welsh Oak - they then
ordered me to stop - I said move on a bit further
as the horses could not stand at that place without
holding as it was steep - they moved on one
side and I drove the chaise upon the Tram Road
on a flat where the horses could stand easy -
I remained upon the Box until I was wet thro'
I then got down and walked backwards and
forwards about ten yards from the Coach - I
saw a great crowd in front of the door of the Welsh
- it was very dark - I cannot say whether
there was any lights there - I asked one of the
men how long they intended to keep me there
they said they did not know themselves - I asked one of
them for a little Tobacco which he gave me - I had a pipe
of my own in my pocket - I lit my pipe with a
bit of paper from his pipe - I did not go
into the house - I had nothing to drink all night -
I should not know any of the men again - I did
not hear anything said by any of the men during
the night except that some of them asked me where
I was from and where I had been and who I had
taken up to Tredegar all of which I told them -
About dawn of day the mob left the Welsh Oak
and I then proceeded on - I could see then that
they were armed with Guns as well as pikes
as well as other weapons - I did not hear any directions
given nor that any one of them acted as leader
- I heard some of them say "it's time to march"
or "march on" - After the mob had left this place

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