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no ostler man in the House and that they had
locked the door and gone to Bed - you can't
put your Horses in - the ostler is not here
I proceeded to the Turnpike Ro where I was
informed that an ^ mob was gone on towards
Newport and I would not be in your place
on any account - I proceeded on
about two miles when I saw a great
about 40 men on the Road - they had
lighted Candles with them - some were
of the Candles were
^naked - Some had paper round them
These men were armed - some had pikes
some sticks. They asked me where I was
going - I said to Newport - they then
asked me if there was any one inside
I said no - one of them opened the
door and looked in -and then shut
the door again - I attempted to pass
them but some one in front said you
must keep behind us - you must not
go to Newport before we do
- I kept
behind them until I came to the Welsh
- They then ordered me to stop
I said move on a bit on a bit further



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