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William Henry Williams of Newport Accountant
will prove that he has lived in Newport 20 years has known Mr Crosfield
a Wholesale Ironmonger and Vender of Powder about 15 years he was
in partnership with him up to about 5 years since - we were very large
dealers in powder having 100 Barrels delivered at a time at our
Warehouse - the Warehouse was in the Borough of Newport - I
know Mr Crosfield has continued to deal largely in Powder since as
a wholesale dealer and has had large quantities in his warehouse
ever since - we were the largest Powder Dealers in Newport and Mr
has since continued to be up to the present - We sold
thousands of Barrels for the Collieries and Mines on the Hills
It was our exclusive trade and notoriously known to the Colliers
and Mines on the Hills that we used to have about 100 Barrels
a month - a Barrel weighs 100 lb Weight -

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thousands of
sold to xxx Collieries



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