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William Henry Williams of the parish of
Saint Woollos in the Borough of Newport
(a Special Constable) states : About 4 in the afternoon
of the 4th November last I received orders from the
Magistrates to go and search for Gunpowder which they
had been informed was secreted in a Hay Rick to
the left of Etheridge's House - I accordingly went
accompanied by William Nicholas Morgan and Edward
the Police Superintendent- In the Rick
referred to we found no powder but two pike heads with
cross pieces of a very dangerous description - Mr Hopkins
took possession of them - I should know the sort again-
After the others had left I went into a field behind the
Turnpike between the Caerleon and the Chepstow Roads
and looked around for powder but found none - But in
a Ditch near a Hay Rick there I found two pike
handles one of which had a socket for a pike head
and the other had a Bayonet fixed on it- the were
about 8 feet long - I took them to the Westgate - I
afterwards I took one of the handles to Monmouth and
left it in the Court there - In the last mentioned
field I saw a great many foot prints as if people
had been walking about there -
__________________________Wm H. Williams



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