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William Henry Williams of the parish of
Saint Woollos in the Borough of Newport
Accountant States
(Special Constable) States : About 4 in the afternoon
of the 4th November last I received orders from the Magistrates
to go and search for Gunpowder which they had been
informed was secreted in a Hay Rick to the left of Etheridge's
- I accordingly went accompanied by William
Nicholas Morgan
and Edward Hopkins the Police Supt. -
In the Rick referred to we found no powder but 2 pike heads
with two cross pieces - of a very dangerous description - M.r
took possession of them : I should know
the sort again - After the others had left I went into
a field behind the Turnpike between the Caerleon and
the Chepstow Roads
and looked about for powder but
found none - But in a ditch near a Hay Rick there I found
two pike handles one of which had a socket for a pike
head and the other had a Bayonet fixed on it - they were
about eight feet long - I took them to the Westgate -
I afterwards took one of the handles to Monmouth and
left it in the Court there - In the last mentioned field
I saw a great many foot prints as if people had been
walking about there -
____________________________Wm. H. Williams



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