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James Woolford of Abercarne _Game keeper to W.
T.H. Phelps
says: he resides in the Game keepers house
at Abercarne in the wood
- that about half past 1 o'clock in
the morning of Monday 4th Nov
r last he was awoke by the
noise of the Dogs in the Kennell barking - that he got up and
looked out of the window. Saw about 20 men armed with
Spears Guns Swords and Sticks, they were trying to get into
the House and ordered me to open the Door - I at first
refused but went down Stairs in my night clothes and night
Cap and went to the Gun Rack and took down a double
Barrel Gun that was there, took it into another room
and hid it behind some clothes - I had in the house the
double Barrell Gun - 2 Single Barrrell Guns - a pocket
pistol with a spring - Bayonet and two Shot Belts all
my Masters property except the pistol which is my own property

and one of the Single Guns which was the property[~]
[~]of John Llewellyn Esq. and one
Shot Belt my own

^ I opened the Door as I expected they would burst it in every
moment and they were thretening without to burn the house
down if I did not - About 20 men entered the house and
searched every room up stairs and down in it - they took
the double Barrell Gun, the two single Barrell (all
percussion Guns) and two shot belts all my master's
property and the pocket pistol and two Silver Watches
my own property - they were going away with the Guns
Pistol and Watches when one of the men as he was going
out of the Door held out his hand to me with something
which I found to be one of my watches which I now have-
The men were not in the house more than 10 minutes and
went away on the Tram Road - Upon leaving the house I
heard the Report of a Gun - there was some coarse Gun
powder which I had given me the other day (about 1/2 a lb)
which they took away with them as well - I should know
2 of the men again - I think I have seen them before -
I asked the men what they were going about - they said

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seized a Gun

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