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thought it looked ill for the general
election; your letter has in some degree
removed the impression.
The name of M... is very
familiar to me, though I can not say
I know the man. What is he ? Is he
a Tory? Did he place so much confidence
in his strength, that he refused to unite
with the other two Candidates. I was rather
chagrined when I saw the account.
The Alderman has for some years
said that he would retire from public
life, that he was sick of it. I somehow doubt
the sincerity of this wish, or rather ex-
pressed wish, to give up public life. The
love of power Sticks to us pretty nearly
as long as any other love, unless it is the
love of moneys and what is this, in reality,
but love of power. There are few, very
few, who have possesed and increased
power for any time, that can retire from
it gracefully and maintain in some degree
a respectable position in Society. Chas 5th
King of Spain, and Emperor of Germany
, resigned
but repentence immediately followed
the resignation, at a public meeting
in Connecticut one of the Northern
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[this follows on from the second portion of text on the next page] charged him with being a thimble
rigger and produced the implements
of his trade. What have you to say
said I that I should not commit
to the treadmill for three months ? I
hope to God you won't send me there,
Do you think, said I, that I should be
performing my duty to my Townsmen
have I to suffer you to rob them? If you
will pardon me I will leave the town
and never come into it again. I agree
to the conditions said I, and you mind
that you observe them. The next time
we met what a change, in one of the
parties however. It is true, very true
that kind actions almost always bring
their reward. How different were my
feelings to what they would have
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