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been had I sent that man
off to the Tread - Mill. [in corner of page ] 9B
I see from to days' paper that the
elections will take place for the
Boroughs on the 16th and the contested
elections next day. I do not see
when the County elections will take
place. I hope the elections for the
Counties of Gloucester and Monmouth
will not take place on the same
day for I am pledged to vote for the
liberal members for the Western
Division; but if I must give up one,
I shall give up Gloucester
Yours very truly
Jno Frost
Stirring Times

Vol 24 [at bottom left corner of top section of page]

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[...Northern] States of America
I saw the late Governor of the State, sitting by him
- self, unnoticed, a monument of fallen grandeur
or rather a man who had no
dollars, no almighty dollars, to bestow
on the cormorants of America, who no
doubt at one time worshipped him. There
must have been some good Stuff in an Ex
Governor and very good Stuff too, is ...
... to touch the Cap to a fallen Man.

I was once walking along a Pro-
Station in Tasman's Peninsula, a
prisoner was coming to meal, he stopped
and very respectfully touched his cap. How
do you do, Sir, said he, well said I thank
you do you not know me, Sir? No said
I. The last time I saw you, Sir, you were
in a very different situation to what you
are in at present. If you saw me in England
you must have seen me in a different position.
Don't you remember a person brought before
you by the Police Ofiicer charged with being
a thimble rigger? I do said I, are you
the man? I am said he: I am the man. On the eve of Newport fair, a police officer brought a man bfore me and
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