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I could attend, oh, give me a shilling said
he, I refused, and he turned off. In a few
minutes after, it struck me, all of a sudden
that the applicant was my Port Arthur
friend, I sent my Servant to the Beer-
-house and there she found him and brought
him back. I do not know when I felt
more acutely than when it came to my
recollection that I had refused one who
had done me a very Kind action and at
a time when I needed it.
The chances are that you will never
see your young frech french friend. From
the Western Press this morning I found
what I had for some time been working
for. It appears that great discontent
is spreading through Germany at the
continuance of the war, and the terrible
affects resulting from it. This is the thing
that will stop Bismark, and his religi-
ous master who has for some time been



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