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thanking God and attributing his victories
to him. I am of the opinion that it is the
other being, generally represented with horns
and hoofs, that the old hearted, in iron
hearted King should thank, for if the
accounts we see in the papers be true
I doubt whether ... / .../... ever
occasioned more misery on Germany or France

And so my little lady you have
been spending some time in the old City of
Caerleon, once the second city in England
many, many a pleasant evening here I
spent, in my younger days, in Caerleon-
at one time a very very pleasant village
but now oh what a change. I have long
thought that what one called improvement
ought to be given another name. I must
do as Malta did with Napoleon; I must
stop him, or her, (I do not know what gender
to give to the pen) or I shall get tiresome.
Very Kind love, my dear Miss Thomas, to
all, in which Anne joins
John Frost



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