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Abergavenny 12 Sept 1845

Dear Sirs,
Hampton to Otter Esq
We have much pleasure in now forwarding to you the
Assignment of Term duly executed by Mr. Frost. We
also send Mr. Frost's letter which accompanied it. We
had offered to present Mrs Frost with £5 for her trouble
in sending it out. The Stamp office will probably
require some explanation of the delay in stamping
the Deed which is dated in Feby 1842 - an
attempt was first made, but which failed, to get the
Deed sent out by the Government - after the delay
thus occasioned and a further loss of time in
endeavouring to find some other means of sending
it out we at last discovered Mrs Frost 's residence
and induced her to forward it. We enclose her
note in Oct. 1842 saying she had done so. We
can't account for its delay in reaching Mr. Frost.
It appears however from his letter that it is not
6 months since he received and signed it, and it
will be seen by Mr Rogers 's note also enclosed when
it arrived in England. We hope this explanation
supported by the accompanying documents will enable
you to get the Deed stamped without any penalty.
We shall be happy to make an Affidavit of
the facts if required.

We likewise forward the duplicate of the deed
which of course may now be destroyed

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