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step being taken, for without I have but little doubt
of them not being forthcoming at the Trial
This will of course incur additional expence
& the £200 I received from Mr Phillips on a/c
being nearly or quite exhausted I am must remind
you of a further remittance this week to meet the
heavy expences of taking the Wit _ s to the Assizes &
providing for them in the mean time I ...
Having commenced the disbursements I have
consented to the charge of that the department to
prevent being imposed upon by 2 paymasters &
I can assure you I already find it anything
but a pleasant duty to perform but having commcd
it I will still continue it - I am arranging a list
of wit - s as applicable to each case by going through
the Evidence & Mr Phillips & myself are preparing for
the minor cases - all of which I expect will be tried
as none of them will I understand traverse



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