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I trust my observ[ati]ons in my letter of yesterday relative
to the service of the Lists of Witnesses will not be found
to embarrass our position b as with any thing like
a... a doubt upon the point it would require most
prompt steps being taken to prevent so great a
disaster of the failure of the prosecution in consequence.
& I apprehend a further adjournment of the Commission
would be the only safe course to be adopted shod a
doubt arise upon the proceeding.
I am sorry to say that the a/cs from the Hills to
day are most unsatisfactory - Secret meetings
being held frequently as before the outbreak &
in one of the wet nights last week - a meeting on
the Mountain
, but every thing is kept so quiet that
we have not been able to get any information to ground
a proceeding. Tomorrow at Merthyr a large meeting
of the Men is expected & the auth[oritie]s are det[ermine]dto suppress it
This occasions great excitement (to say the least) in the
district & if the _



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