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could be indicted for and that the
case agst J[n]o Llewellyn No 20 was
so far back that the attorney Genl
would not prosecute I replied
the magistrates required proceedings
would to be taken ags-t both but
particularly Llewellin who I
considered a case of Sedition ags-t
& that I sh[oul]d[?] see the magistrates
I did see the magistrates and they
requested me to look carefully into
the Evidence & to see them tomorrow

[at foot]
1 Jany 1839 Preferred Bill ag-st John Partridge
for Conspiracy and Riot and upon the Bill being
Deld into Court Mr Maule exclaimed ag-st it
most vehemently & stated there was no case and that the
attorney would not prosecute



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