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J Richard only, who informed me that there where
two old MamholeTrams lying there very much out
of Repair I wished to see what they whe [...] and I
gave him orders to send them down which he did
on [...] evening previous to my setting out. I have
since examined them and find one of them to
to be a Missing tram No 14 - I have not seen it since
last April it had all four of its wheels but wants
2 side planks - The other I never saw before it
has no other Mark than M H - and the white
Balls - all four of its wheels are gone - it is not
worth adding to the number of those lately bought
of Mr Jones and Mr Honey is opinion that when
you see it you will claim it. There has been
no entire new Trams made in the time I
have been with you, several old Trams has
been taken to pieces and every part made of new
material except Binders still being numbered
as before the a/c of which I have in my Tram
Book - There where four small Trams I find
upon inquiry made a short time previous to
my coming here for Hauling Ballast and



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