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My Lord Marquess:
with profound humility & every possible respect & veneration
for your Lordship's public character, I venture to address this petitionary
epistle to the indulgent & favourable consideration of your Lordship. But
I must first of all, earnestly pray, that if the course I have presumed
upon, or any expression or scrutiny, which I take have to advance,
should in any sense or degree be otherwise than what in a free country
it may be allowed to be & which I most sincerely ^would wish it might be, that
your Lordship will ascribe it, not to intention, but to a super abounding
love of mercy, & the want of Knowing better, and that your Lordship will be
pleased to pardon any such imagined and undesigned error or errors.
Your Lordship will permit me to state, that your Lordship's humble Petition
er resides at Abergavenny, in the County of Monmouth, is a dissenting Minister
of 62 years of age, has been the Pastor of a dissenting congregation for 37 years, &
was a Tutor of an Academy for educating young men designed for the
ministry of the gospel, nearly 30 years, until his inadequate health &
strength obliged him to resign his post. Your Lordship will also allow
allow me to add, that your Lordship's Petitioner, has ever been the unflinched &
devoted advocate of Reform of both Earl Grey 's and Lord Melbourne 's ad-
Administrations. My political views & Reform endeavors are known
to W A. Williams, Esq. M.P. and to C. H. Leigh, Esqr, the Lord Lieutenant
of my native County. And as a still further preliminary your Lordship
will bear with me whilst I append the following particulars, - that with
Chartists & Chartism, I have never had any personal acquaintance
or connexion, whatsoever, either directly or indirectly, - that none
of her Majesty's subjects hate and abhor the violent measures adopted
by the Chartists more cordially than I do - & that none in the United
Kingdom are more faithfully devoted to the present Government,
or more unfeignedly attached & emphatically loyal to her most
gracious majesty, Queen Victoria, than I am.
Having thus detained and troubled your Lordship with an
exordium, which, I regret to say, has so much to do with myself,
I shall now proceed to the object which has very deeply, ^ impressed , or rather,
overwhelmingly oppressed my feelings. - The case of the unfortun-
nate men, and especially Mr John Frost, now lying under the
sentence of death in Monmouth Gaol. I never saw this indi-
vidual except once at a Reform Meeting in the Guild Hall at Usk ,
nor did I ever exchange a word, a letter, or a line with him.
All I know of Frost, is, from report, the public press, & the
viva voce testimony of ^ a few unbiased & disinterested characters
who have personally known him. His trial is largely & minute
ly reported, I have perused with much attention & care
on his conduct from the time he collected & headed the
lawless throng that followed him down to the moment
he uttered the words, "Shew your appearance in the front," was deep-



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