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[Typescript title page]
The Queen agt. John Frost and Others.
Briefs, Depositions, Notes for Speeches,
Lists of Prisoners & Witnesses, etc.
25 vols.

Vol[ume] 1. Indictment. Brief for the Crown (Solicitor General).
Vol[ume] 2. Brief for the Crown.
Vol[ume] 3. Copies of Depositions.
Vol[ume] 4. Reg[ina] v. Frost. Depositions, etc. (Under names of Witnesses). A-L
Vol[ume] 5. M-W
Vol[ume] 6. Examinations, Depositions. etc. (Under names of Other Prisoners). A-D
Vol[ume] 7. Edmunds-Edwards
Vol[ume] 8. Etheridge-Evans
Vol[ume] 9. F
Vol[ume] 10. G
Vol[ume] 11. H-J
Vol[ume] 12. L-M
Vol[ume] 13. O-P
Vol[ume] 14. R-T
Vol[ume] 15. V-W
Vol[ume] 16. Lists of Prisoners.
Vol[ume] 17. Printed List of Witnesses.
Vol[ume] 18. Reg[ina] v. Frost. Lists of Witnesses.
Vol[ume] 19. Lists of Witnesses. P[ar]t 1.
Vol[ume] 20. P[ar]t 2.
Vol[ume] 21. Summons to Witnesses. P[ar]t 1.
Vol[ume] 22. P[ar]t 2.
Vol[ume] 23. Notes of Attorney-General, etc.
Vol[ume] 24. Autograph Letters.
Vol[ume] 25. Expenses of W.T. Harford Phelps.



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