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Special Commission 1839
The Queen against John Frost
Charles Walters
John Lovell
Richard Benfield
John Rees
George Turner al[ia]s Cole
Zephaniah Williams
Edmund Edmunds
Jenkin Morgan
Solomon Britan [Briton]
William Jones
Thomas Aust
one other John Rees
David Jones

[ alongside the above names:]
High Treason

Brief for the Crown This indictment was found on the 11.th Decr 1839
The Prisoners except the two last who have not been taken were called
into Court and informed of it, and that Orders would be made for assigning
Counsel when they were ready to name them

CaseThat portion of the County of Monmouthshire which may be denominated the
Hill Country
may be considered as forming a triangle of irregular dimensions -
Risca the Southern point being taken as the vertex an irregular line drawn
from that point following nearby the course of the Rumney River as far as
the Rumney Upper Furnaces on the North West and another irregular line skirting
the Eastern sides the Twyn Barllwm and Mynyd-Maen Mountains and
continued Eastward of Pontypool and the range of mountains terminating with the
Blorenge on the North East will form the two sides, and a line joining these two
sides will be it's base - The area within this triangle consists of a Mountainous
Country intersected by deep Glens or Vallies which are watered by Mountain Streams
-The chief of these Streams are the Sirhowy and Ebbw which give name to the respective
Vales through which they flow - The Avon which is the Eastern Stream rises

[Annotations in l. margin]
[top left]
A . Map and two }
Plans are left}

[bottom left]
See map left herewith
[in pencil faintly]
No map left
with the Proof
/…/ 20/12 .39

1 [encircled]
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