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heard them say they would have liberty or death that they
should not get to Newport that night
, and often heard
them say they were going to meet a main body. When
Frost said they were dismissed the person guarding
Witness with a pistol walked off, Witness can scarcely
doubt that Frost had the command of the mob when
he came into the room the mob made way for
him. Call

To prove that Frost was seen in front with Edmund Edmunds
who was armed and that Witness heard Edmunds say
"Come on men". That the mob halted by the Waterloo
and then Edmunds cried out "all you with muskets
come forward in front and the pikemen next, and
you as have clubs and bludgeons stop in the
rear" Call

To prove that he was to accompany the mob with a
Sword from the Rock to Jenny Tips - The mob divided =
a large Company went by Argoed and another by the
. Witness arrived with them at the Welsh Oak -
there they brought the men out of their houses - Witness
saw Frost had between
the Cefn and the Welsh Oak - about
4 in the morning he wore a red Cravat round his

neck, the men said to him " Mr. Frost we had better
return". Frost answered "No, they had better not"
should come on to Newport & take possession of the Poorhouse
& Soldiers & their Arm
s, That there was a Store house there
where was plenty of powder and then they would blow up the the Bridge and stop the Welsh Coaches that ran to the North
then there would be notice for them in the North, to commence
on Monday night that he Frost should be able to see two or
three of his friends or enemies in Newport
. Witness went on
to the Cefn he speaks to a young man (supposed to be Wm
) coming on horse back to the Cefn and desiring the
the men to go back as Frost was waiting & to their turning back
and meeting Frost , and it was at that time that Frost
told as above stated
_________ Call

[in l. margin]
Frost Cefn
Welsh Oak
Storehouse at
plenty of Powder

[in r. margin]
Barnabas Brough


of Gellygroes


men pressed

John Harford
of Blackwood



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