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the Leader said "Surrender yourselves our prisoners" (addressing the
Special Constables at the door some one answered "No never " and
immediately after the leader levelled at witness who struck the Gun

aside - Saw O'Dwyer fall - heard a great many shots - retreated into
the yard & afterwards saw dead bodies ___________ Call

To prove that Witness was at the Court y bella Machine between 8 &
9 a.m. - Saw the mob marching - they went up the Lane by the Friars
Saw Frost at their head - the boys were hollowing and he put up
his hands to stop them
- The mob stopped at the Turnpike & Frost
turned round & told them they had better shew themselves to the
town first, they went down the Hill - Frost was by their side -
Witness saw them go to the entrance Gate of the Yard which they
found fastened - Frost was then at their head - Witness heard him
say "now you must turn round and make you appearance in
the front"
Witness was not 3 yards from him at the time the
mob turned round and went in front & rushed in at the door
Witness heard firing and went over to Mullocks ______Call

To prove that he saw the mob come round the corner from Stowhill
to the front of the Westgate - that he saw Frost there in front of
the Westgate - that he was dressed in a blue rough Coat and a

comforter that Witness saw him there at the moment before the
firing - that it began at that instant -
the Witness never saw Frost
in such a dress before________ Call

To prove the circumstances attending the apprehension of Frost & Walters
concealed in the house of Partridge on the night of the 4th November

To prove that Walters came home with her father on Monday about 7
p.m. - that they went to bed - that Frost came in afterwards - Witness will
speak to his condition & her going out for bread & cheese - that Witness left the
house before Mr Phillips & the party who apprehended the prisr. arrived _______________ Call

To prove that he was at the Westgate Entrance Door that he saw Walters
carrying a Gun that Walters passed the door with the rest of the mob armed that
Witness searched Frost on the night of the 4th November - he delivered to Witness
3 pistols now produced they were loaded and capped also a flask and bullets
all from his person- Witness also searched Walters & found on him 4 pistols
bullets powder flask and lucifer matches produced _________ Call

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Thomas Bevan


Saml. Simmons
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Mr Richard
Newport, Attorney
at Law


Mr Thomas Jones
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