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To prove that he was at the prisoners house the Royal Oak on Sunday
afternoon at 1/2 past 3 o'Clock. The prisoner was there and there
were people there. A stranger spoke to them - He sd they must
meet on the Mountain at 6 in the evening and the prisoner
interpreted it in Welsh after him
he said they must bring
bread and cheese and would want some victuals before they
came back - that they should hear when they were going
to the Mountain what they were to do there
- that they were
to bring something in their hands but did say what are
or for what purpose. Witness went to the Mountain it was
dark and rained there was a great many people there -
some had sticks and Witness saw one or two Guns but it
so dark that he cannot say they waited there between
1 and 2 hours and when they left went down to the Tram road
Witness saw the prisoner Williams when they got there.
him talking to a man at the Gate of the Victoria Works - Heard
the man asked him what they were going down for - prisoner
answered "there was no danger" the man asked if they were going
down to be killed and prisoner said he hoped there was no danger.

At this time the men were coming down and filled the tram road
driving them on and crying "go on." They continued on to
where the Tram road crossed the turnpike road - there were
hundreds of people there - the place was full- I saw men with
Guns and pikes there can't say how many
stayed there about
2 hours or more when others came in and drove witness out & he
went with them below Stowe Church and when
he came there
the people were running back and witness turned homewards &
heard firing. ___________________ Call

To prove that Witness has seen prisoner 3 times the 1st time was on
the Tuesday before the Riots in a room in his own house the Royal
- was there from 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour.
Heard the prisr
say the Chartists was a good cause - the 2nd time was on Friday
or Saturday night following at his house - Witness was there
about 1/4 of an hour - One Thomas Guttery then stood up and prisr
was there - Guttery said it was a good cause and he mentioned
5 articles that the Charter was a good cause if it could be got

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Meeting at

James James
of Coalbrook
, Miner



Royal Oak

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