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when witness first saw the prisr. he was standing among the
crowd - Didn't hear him say any thing then - Witness remained
on the Mountain top an hour or hour & 1/2 - Heard prisoner say
while there "We are going to Newport" - went down the Tram
road from Pen-y-Cae towards Newport
a big gang before and
the rest behind - Stopped where the Turnpike road crosses the
Tram road
at a house on the side. Went on to another public
house it was not day light - Saw prisoner there where the
great gang stopped, he was standing and sometimes walking
backwards and forwards- Stopped then about 1/2 an hour -
then went on to another public house on the Tram road side
stopped then till day light and until the gang came down
and many hundreds passed by and some told us to join- went
to Sir Chas Morgan's Park and halted a little - thence to the
- there was told to walk in rank - went up a Hill
and turned down Stow hill to the corner of Westgate - Heard
firing and witness threw down his Gun
- Heard Jones of Ponty
say in prisoners presence that we were to put Bread and
cheese in our pockets - Witness has worked for prisoner (gives him
a good character)
, prisoner merely wished them to take what
they had with them to the mountain to shew their strength to
defend themselves. ________ Call

To prove that on Sunday Evening about 6 o'Clock, wit s went with
his Brother-in-Law Isaac Davies to the Royal Oak, Zeph Williams'
saw him there conversing with different people- saw
him go up Stairs and in a few minutes come down in different
clothes which was a worse suit than he had on when he went
up it was raining at the time he went into a little room by
himself and witness followed him and spoke to him - Williams
said "never mind go on " - Witness saw Williams packing up
Cartridges in a paper they were on a table about 20 or 3
they were rather less than what he had used which were
Musket Cartridges & bigger then pistol Cartriges
. ____ Call

To prove that on Sunday the 3rd. November as it was getting
dark - Witness was passing the prisonerWilliams'
heard a great noise in it and turned in -

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said John



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of Coalbrook Vale

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