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Went into the long room - Prisoner was there and asked
him if he wanted to Sign his name to the Chartists -
Witness answered it was there already - Prisoner said if
so he had no need to put it again - Witness asked if there
was any money wanted - Prisoner said no. there was no
money wanted from any one - he said they were to march
up the Hill as soon as it was dark and he cautioned
Witness to meet them and take some sort of weapon with
him - that if Witness could not find one he would try
to furnish him with one - Prisoner directed the Persons there
present to meet on the Hill as there were 14000 to be there
and that they should be prepared with weapons of some
- He stood on a Chair in the long room and addressed
them saying that those who had no weapons should if
possible be furnished with them by him _ _ Call

To Prove That the Prisoner Zephaniah Williams lives at the
Royal Oak Coalbrook Vale - that Witness lives near him
- Attended Chartist Meetings at Prisoner's house - was a Member
there were Weekly meetings - there was a meeting on Thursday
night before the Outbreak at 7 PM at Prisoner's House -
Many attended - Believes Prisoner was there, but is
not sure because at that time Prisoner was from home
very often - On Sunday 3d November was backwards
and forwards at the Prisoner's house all day - saw him
very often - there was company in the house and they
were taking Beer - the Prisoner was there - A large Meeting
was proposed to be held that Evening in Some place yet
unknown - A Stranger was there from Blackwood - It was
said that he came to let them know when the
Meeting was to be held and that it was to be on the
Hill between Ebbw Vale and Nantwyglo
- The Prisoner
was in the room at the same time with the Stranger
- The Stranger gave them charge to go home fetch bread
and cheese in their Pockets and go to the top of the
- they met at the Hill and went down to Ebbw
- Witness walked by the side of the Prisoner - The

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not to be called



Edwd Richards
of Coalbrook
, Collier

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