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house was filled with men armed with different weapons
they called for beer, had some and paid for it - some they
did not pay for - they blew out the light - but upon being
asked restored it - About 5 Minutes after Witness saw the
Prisoner at the House at the Bar
- shook hands with him
and told him that he was glad to see him - that he had
drained all the Beer and begged him to send the people
away - prisoner ordered them away - they went and he told
them to make the best of their way and not call any
more on
their way - Witness asked prisoner if he would
accept a glass of any thing - he answered peppermint, but
on Witness going to the Jar he found it was gone about
three Gallons and about one gallon and a half of rum -
Prisoner asked if Witness would accommodate him with
a horse - Witness said he had not one - Prisoner replied
if he could get one he would pay any thing - Witness
left Prisoner in the bar and did not see him again
The People left Witness's house in the direction of Newport-
his house is fifteen and three quarters miles from
Newport - Lost several articles from his house ___Call

To Prove that on Sunday the third November some men
came to Witness's house about half past 11p.m.
and knocked - Witness opened the door and many
came in afterwards - drew them beer - some had
Pikes - a Gun or two - a Pistol - they had bread
and cheese - Witness saw the Prisoner Zephaniah
there about half past one
he called
for beer and had it - he asked Witness where
his horses were - Witness answered that they were
on his land - Afterwards told him there was one in
the Stable - he said he wished to have it and a horse
set down to Newport - that he was tired and wished to
have the horses- that they ought to make haste as
he thought he should be after time
- Witness believes
that Prisoner said that they ought to be at Newport
about four - they left about two or half past two

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q orders to make
the best of their way

15 miles fromNewport
Williams ___ Williams
|borrowed a horse
[fea?]red to be to too late |=

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James Samuel
Coach and Horses


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