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To prove - That Witness lives near the Welsh Oak - was at home
on Sunday 3rd November - at midnight heard a noise on the
Tram Road
, somebody knocked at the door and called out
"Thomas get up" Witness went into the Barn and staid-
there about an hour, the Barn door was then burst open -
Witness jumped down from the straw and some Men came in -
asked Witness for Shelter there - He gave them leave - this
was about 1 o'clock - Witness asked them where they were
going, they said they had Orders to stop at the Welsh
'till they had an answer back from Frost
- That
Frost and five others were gone down to High Cross to
see if the Pontypool Men were come there according to
their Order, or else if the Pontypool people wouldn't -
come there that night that every one of them was to
return home - Witness returned to his house - About 3 -
o'clock 3 Men came and more came soon afterwards -
and filled the House - Witness went to the Barn and found
the men there- Soon after a man came into the House
with a Pike and told the men "Come be off" it is -
time to go, they wished to remain and he said
if you
don't come I'll send in a dozen Guns and make -
you go
- In about 10 minutes after Zephaniah Williams
came in with another man, Williams said to the
men drying themselves "come walk on my men - Now
we are bound to go
- they went out and Williams
followed to see them out and then returned and went
to the fire- He was very wet, he had on a Blue Coat,
rather dark Trousers and a bit of a stick in his -
hand. Witness asked him if he was going to Monmouth
He said why do you ask me that? Witness said that -
because some of them that were here said you were going to
draw Vincent out of Prison - Williams answered we don't attempt
such a thing as that. We are going no further than Newport.

It was exactly 7 by the clock when Williams left his house the
Men in Witnesses Barn and House were armed with -
Guns Pikes Scythes and Sticks, one of them tapped

[l. margin]
q evidence


Williams |

Wms ordered March
to march

going to Newport
7 o'Clock
not to Monmouth

[in r. margin]
Welch oak

waiting for Frost

Thomas Saunders
of Tynycwm

left at 7

[at foot]
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