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To prove that Prisoner Edmund Edmunds
was armed and in front with Frost and
said "come on men" that Witness saw him
at Tredegar Park should know him better
if he had the same clothes. Prisoner had
something in his hand but whether sword
or what can't say the Mob halted by the
the Prisoner with them there Prisoner
cry'd out "All you with Muskets come
forward in front of the pikemen next and
you as have clubs & bludgeons stop in the
rear" Witness saw Prisoner for the last time
going up to Stow, spoke to Prisoner at the Three
Horse Shoes, Pye Corner
, 1st at the Welsh Oak
next at Three Horse Shoes then at the Waterloo
. ______________________________ Call

To prove that Witness saw 300 or 400 at the
Welsh Oak
armed at about 10 minutes to 12
when Witness saw them there. Prisoner Edmund
was there he was ordering the people
out of the room had nothing in his hand
the people went out when ordered it was about
7 a.m. when Prisoner was ordering them out did
not see him till morning Prisoner went down the the Tram
with him towds Newport _________ Call

To prove that about 11 p.m. the house Welsh
was filled & they went away about 7 a.m.
Heard them speaking to one another that they
were going to Newport to take down the Poor
. One said there were only 60 Soldiers in the
he appeared as if he had just come thence.
Heard them say Newport would not be worth any
thing in a day or two. Witness does not know Prisoner,
saw witness
Furmen there ___ Call

[in l. margin]

q certain of the

Edmunds Edmunds

[in r. margin]
Israel Furmen
of Gelli groes Herbalist

Catherine Charles
Daughter of Henry
of the Welsh
Oak Risca


Mary Charles
Sister of the last

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