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To prove that Witness (who had joined
the Chartists) was at a public meeting
at Blackwood on Whit Monday. That
Frost and Jones the Watchmaker were
there and spoke. They said they would
have the Charter by Moral force if they
could, if not - by force They spoke
again at a meeting at Dukes Town to the same
effect. Witness returned to Pillgwenlly 2nd Novr had
conversation with the Prisoner Jenkin Morgan. Prisoner
asked him how the Chartists got on in the hills. Witness
said they were more quiet. Witness told him he was going
up the hills. Prisoner said there would be no work
and he (Witness) had better not go. Witness saw
Prisoner on the 3rd Novr at 11 p.m. he called and told
Witness he was a Captain over 10 Men and that Witness was
his man and must come along with him. When out of the
House Prisoner told Witness they were going the other side of
Newport bridge, that he was going to take Parson Roberts
and all his family
to the Town to confine them in
the Clock house or where they could servants and all
that he had the orders from Walters the Secretary
that there he was ordered to take Mr Crosfields
where there was a great deal of Powder
that Frost and his men thousands were coming down
that morning they were coming to Stow to attack the
Soldiers at the poor house, that it would be Charter
Law before day light
and they would take the whole
Town and go thro' the whole Kingdom,
that Frost
and his men were to attack the Soldiers, that the Prisoner and
his men were to do nothing but to protect that Warehouse where
the Powder was and to keep it for the Chartists that Frost & his
Men were to come down at 2 A.M. of the 4t[h]. Witness went with
Prisoner the other side of Newport bridge into a field between the
Chepstow and Caerleon roads
where Prisoners men were
standing about Midnight. Prisoner said it
was thro' _______ Call

[l. margin:]
Frost & Jones
Jenkin Morgan

[r. margin]
Morgan James
of Pillgwenlly

Jenkin Morgan


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