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Ireland Scotland and every where at the same moment.
That the Charter would be he law of the land after
that night and every man had joined that those that
did not would be the first that would be killed

that if Witness met any one on the road he was to say
"beans" and if he was a friend of the Chartists he would say
"well" and if he did not say so they were to do what they
liked with him, that after they had attacked the Soldiers
they were to take their arms from them and if they
would not give them up peaceably to kill them - that if
they beat the Soldiers they were to rule the Town.
told Witness the signal that Frost was to give when
he came to Stow, viz: Throwing crackers and powder in
the air. That he and his men were to go on duty when
he saw this signal and not before, Witness staid in

the first field till about 3 a.m. then made his escape
with another man and went home and to bed. About
8 a.m. they called him and said thousands of thousands
of Colliers were coming down. Witness got up and went
on the tram towards the weighing Machine and saw
numbers running away. Saw Frost among them by
the Machine
. Didn't know any of the men who were
in the field the other side of Newport bridge
they called Captain and Prisoner answered all
along. Prisoner was Captain he had a pike in his
hand more than a foot long on a stick. Some of
the men in the field had arms, one had two bullets
they were to stand in the field till they had a signal
from Frost . Prisoner said some were to come the Stow
way and some the Waterloo way, that some were
to come from Pontypool and Caerleon & to be there at 2 a.m.
That Frost and his men were to break into Mr. Edwards's
by the poor house as well as into the poor house

Witness's wife was at home when Prisoner came to his
house on Sunday night - Witness gave a stick to Mrs. Morgan
of the Machine and had conversation with her.

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Frost |

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Morgan James

Saw Frost

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