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To prove That Prisoner (Jenkin Morgan) came to her house on Wednesday
Evening before the Riots about 6 o'clock enquired for another Man.
Witness saw the Prisoner talking to a Man in his shirt sleeves up
stairs - Heard him tell the Man not to be alarmed if he were
called for, heard Frost 's name mentioned, that he was gone up
to the Hills to fetch the Colliers out, heard the Prisoner say that
he expected bloodshed would be in Pill and Newport before Sunday

night, either Sunday night or Monday morning - Witness told her
husband of the conversation, the person Prisoner called for was
John Gibby, he left home Wednesday after the Riots . . . Call

______________________________the week
To prove That he worked for Stephens ^ before the Riots, saw Davies
who lives at the Pottery beyond Pill come to the Shop of Stephens
the week before the Riots with a Pattern made up of Wood & he said
he wanted a thing made of that form to rise earth with - It
was a long thing about 10 inches long, about 1 inch & 1/2 wide a
flat top - It was one straight piece of Iron - Witness did not
hear him call it anything, it was all solid and flat, the
edges were not sharp - Witness's Master made a thing according
to the Partern, the Prisoner Jenkin Morgan the Milkman came
to the shop and asked my Master to make a similar thing for
him, it was two or three days before the Riots - Witness's
Master made one fo
r him - Davis afterwards came & asked
his Master to make another, he said the first was broke, but
he did not bring it with him. Witness's Master made him
another. Witness never saw such a thing made for digging
Earth, has been a Blacksmith 7 years - I remember the Friday
night before the Riot, Gibby came to our shop and David -
came with him, William Stephens came in afterwards -
Witness saw they were grinding something but did not particularly
know what it was - Witness was making hinges - After Stephens
came in he worked at them with Witness - he asked when he
came in what they were about, Witness did not hear what
they said - Witness saw in Gibby's hand a long Spear, he was
grinding it and Herring was turning, they made about a dozen
hinges that night - Witness went to Prisoner's house that night
Gibby went with him and Herring - Witness did not know

[l. margin]
Jenkin Morgan

[r. margin]
Frances Gibbon
of Pillgwnenlly, Wife
of Thos Gibbon.

Edwd. Brickley
of Newport

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