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and mentioned his name but Witness did not recollect it.
Serj t Reed asked the Prisoner whether he was a
Chartist, he answered he was a Chartist in principle
and on the suggestion of the Serjt Witness took him
into custody. ________________ Call

To Prove that Witness was a Special Constable on watch atthe
Station House, Pontypool
on Monday the 4th _ As Witness
stood near S t James's Chapel about 6 A M he saw the
Prisoner Britan passing along with a party of Men about
14 or 16 - Britan ordered his party to keep the other side
from the Station house - Witness had seen Britan three
times before at Chartists Meetings
- Witness went up to him
and felt for Arms about his person and asked whither
he was going, he answered he didn't know - Witness
told him to go home - Britan on being asked if he had
any Arms said no - He had in his Pocket a piece of Iron
like a Bayonet about a foot long - Witness did not take it
from him as they were about 14 to 1 - Witness saw Britan
afterwards in custody at the Westgate. ________ Call

To Prove That a room in Witness's house was used for a Chartist's
- Has seen Frost at the Lodge once and Vincent twice.
Has also seen William Jones and Edwards there. Saw Jones
there yesterday week before dark. Saw him there Saturday
2nd Novr just when dark he was going in the direction of
Pontypool - There were a great many Chartists in the
on that Saturday night - HeardJones say that the
Chartists were going to Newport to shew people there their Strength

Witness saw Jones on Sunday night going in the direction
of Blackwood there was so much noise in the House
that Witness could not hear the noise outside. The People
left the House about 7 o'clock and said they were going to
Newport - Witness has seen Zephaniah Williams and Jones
at the Lodge. _________________ Call

To Prove That Witness three weeks ago joined a Chartist Club in Pontypool
on Sunday 3rd Novr Witness went with John Dyer for a Horse
for the Prisoner Jones to ride round the Hills and beat

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Jones Jones ||


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Ellis Flanders
of Newport

David Jones
of Pontypool
Agent 54

Sarah Edmunds
Wife of Wm Edmunds
of the Greyhound


James Emery

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