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as far as Cross-y-Cylog there he saw Jones in the
Passage of the House there - this was about Eleven
- Some of the Men outside of the House were Armed
- One Man was making a noise and the Prisoner
threatened to blow out his Brains - Prisoner had either
a Sword or a Bayonet cannot say which and he invited
Witness to go with him - Witness remained at Cross
till about 20 minutes past 5 in the Morning
and then went on and afterwards met Prisoner near
the Turnpike Gate returning - Saw Prisoner and another Man
give a Sword and Bayonet to two men who went on
Newport . ______________Call

To Prove That on Sunday 3rd November abut 9 PM several
armed men came to his Lodgings at Pontnewynidd
and Ordered him to go with him saying they had no time
to lose - Witness went with them to the Plough and Harrow
Beer house
where others were ordered to join next to
Llewellyn's House which was full of Men mostly armed
with Pikes &c - In about half and hour they were ordered
to March on to the Race course beyond Pontypool
found a great number of persons there mostly armed
and Orders were given to march to the Turnpike
they did so and went on to the New Inn
this was about 10 or 11 o'clock. Witness saw the
Prisoner then
they remained there about 10 minutes
when the Prisoner ordered them all to go forward
to Newport - The Pike Men were ordered in front they
fell into Marching Order - About 5 a breast and Witness
believes there were from about 3 to 4 hundred -
Halted at the Lower Lock at Cross-y-Cylog - Shortly
afterwards Prisoner ordered the Men all out to march
forward as there was no time to lose - The Men obey'd
witness tried to escape and went behind a Settle in
the Kitchen when Prisoner said to him that if he did
not go out he would blow his Brains out
- Prisoner had
his hand in his Breast - Witness was so frightened

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Ordered men to

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The Said
William Rousell

John Parry
of Pontnewynidd
Rotten Down


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