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and speaks to the contents of his pocket as stated by the
last Witness. ________________ Call

To prove
that on Monday the 4th Novr between 9 and 10 a m the
prisoner James Aust was one of a party who pressed Witness
from his work at Park-y-Pill - The party was armed and
prisoner had a Gun - The party asked if Witness Master had
any Arms and some of them went into a Chamber up Stairs
and brought out a Gun. The prisoner remained outside - Two
of the party were armed with axes and led the way to the
road from Pontypool to Newport
which was thronged
with people armed with Sticks, there was a rumour
that there had been firing at Newport and prisoner
went into a House when there was a cry of "Where is Aust"
"Where is Aust" _______________ Call

To prove
that he was one of the persons pressed from his work with
the last Witness - He speaks to the taking the Gun from
the House and to the two men armed with axes and to
prisoner being there - Witness saw him load his Gun
with a Bullet which was supplied to him by one of
the party who carried a bag of Bullets and the was
also another who carried Powder - Witness heard the prisoner
called for after he went into the House __ Call

To prove
that Witness was Gardener to Mr Prothero of Malpas Court
Speaks to a conversation with prisoner the last summer respecting
the Chartists in which the prisoner declared in reference to an
observation that if there were a Revolution the Russians would
come in that he would rather be under the Russian Government
than under the present - He told Witness that he really believed
he should lose his life in the cause of the Chartists
- On
Monday the 4th Novr while at breakfast witness heard
a noise in the Stable yard - went out and found it full of
people endeavouring to force away Mr Prothero's Coachman - They
insisted on Witness also going and one of them stood at the Stable

door with a Hatchet - many others being armed Witness went with
them and when he got into the Road saw the prisoner there
with a Gun - Prisoner spoke to them.
- Witness went with them

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John Willis of
Crumlin Clerk to
Mr Morrison

John Richards
of Malpas

John Dallimore
of Caerleon

John Matthews

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