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next morning it was burnt together with
all the other papers which had been delivered
me by Mr T. J. Phillips - the substance of
the paper was that the people were
to be organised into sections or Classes
of ten, each section having a leader.

I remember that the organisation was to proceed upward until
the number formed a Brigade

I was Secretary to the Chartist association
held at Newport for about six months - it was -
held at the Bush. I believe I found the
paper amongst other papers
^ of the Association at the
- the Prisoner was a member of
the Association
when I was Secretary -
It was called the Working Mens -
association and was established in-
August 1838. I joined it in or
about October in that year and soon
after became Secretary - the Prisoner
I believe was a member all the time
I was Secretary - there was another
Secretary in whose possession the

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