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was not confined to working men -
there were tradesmen joined the Association
and merchants as well. I remember Mr Wells
and Mr Townsend joining the Association -
there was an Association at Caerleon -
another at Pontnewynydd, 2 or 3 at
Blackwood and altogether in the County
8 or 10. - There was a womans Association
at Newport, also a boys association -
each of them had a Secretary and Treasurer
and managing Committee. I have
only attended one meeting of the Newport
association since the month of June last -
It was a great object of the association in Newport
and other places to get the middle classes to join
the working men - they generally failed in that
object. Mr Wells and Mr Townsend are general
merchants and deal in Iron and provisions
When I ceased to attend the meetings of
the Association in June the numbers were
increasing. When I left the Association there -
may have been 50 members who were tradesmen

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