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had in the house with a large nob on it, we were to go down towards
Newbridge - we were joined by a great many, some with guns some with
swords some with sticks and
a great number of pikes. I know a great number
of them a great many of them acted as Leaders. I don't remember their
names some strangers came up fearing we should not go. We were told that
Mr Frost was gone ahead and we were to follow him. We met Mr Frost
at the Royal Oak Beer House this side of Risca, there was a great many men
with him some of them were armed. He was walking about from one to the
other - I saw him speak to several - I did not hear what he said. I
know Mr Frost he is now here - I don't know the Prisoner Waters - Frost
went away for about an hour he came back with some men I believe they
were armed, all this was in the dead of the night, we went on to Newport
There was a very large party several hundreds I be bound - we went in
marching order, when Frost came back he put them in the way
- On the
way he put us in the way to march. We walked in many places
that we might come together - Frost was with us, sometimes in front and
sometimes at our sides, he came to look how we were getting on - we
came through Tredegar Park it was then about day light - we came on from
Tredegar Park to the top of Stow Hill - we halted at the Machine, and soon
as one cried halt there was hundreds that cried halt. I saw Frost before
we came to the Friars, he was walking on one side. I did not hear him
say any thing I knew. I was to go some somewhere toNewport - the last time
I saw Frost was at the Roman Catholic Chapel, we were marching down the
hill, he was there, he came with us all the way. He came over towards this
house - I was behind a great many hundreds - as we came round the corner I
saw the party that had come with me go with their pikes against the door
some of them had guns and I heard the cry of "fire, fire" when they cried out
take and break the windows. I stepped forward - the first I saw was the Pikes
against the door - I was not there two minutes before I was knocked down
I believe by one of my own party. I lay down till one of the officers came to
me and told me lay quiet. I dont know whether John Frost had a
cane or not. I have spoken the truth for I dont know how soon I shall
die. I wish to God I was dead before I came here - I have been examined
before. I should know the Gentleman but I know Mr Edmunds the other
Gentleman examined me. I was not promised any thing if I would give
this evidence. I was forced out of my house. I might have gone back

[in l. margin]
Met Frost at Royal Oak
dead of night
Stow Hill
Last saw Frost at
Roman Catholic/Chapel
heard order to fire
by mob




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