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from the Royal Oak - before that I was guarded - I might have run
away then.
____________The mark of X Matthew Williams.

John Rees, sworn says, I am the son of Rees Rees a constable I am
13 years of age my father lives at Pillgwenlly, I was standing by our
house about a quarter to nine o'clock yesterday morning a man came
down the tram road on horseback, he said the Chartists were coming - me and
another boy ran up to the Machine and we met the mob a large party of
men the other side ofthe Machine they were armed some with guns some
with pistols some with pikes, some with mandrels, I saw Mr Frost there
he came in front of the mob - I did not see the other prisoner (a) there - Mr
Frost was standing by the side of the crowd in the front
, there was a
boy there - Frost asked the boy were the soldiers were the boy said about
a dozen had gone down to the Westgate - there was another man on the
other side of the crowd called Jack the Fifer his name is John Rees -
Jack the Fifer had a pistol in one hand and a pike in the other he tells
the boy to go back and tell them they meant to have the Westgate for
themselves by and bye, it was said loud enough for Frost to hear. Another
man in the crowd said they did want a waistcoat very bad as they were
very wet. Mr John Frost stood one side and Jack the fifer the other side
they both said march - Mr Frost did not say it very loud but the other man
did - they then marched, one party went up the Hill towards the Friars and the
other party in the direction of Commercial Street. I saw them afterwards meet at
the top of Charles Street opposite Mr Hopkin's. I did not see Mr Frost there
I am sure I know Frost and that he was the person I heard say
March. I knew him before I saw him speaking to the mob from his
the day Mr Vincent was taken, the boy to whom Mr Frost
spoke about the soldiers was James Farmer he works at Mr Phelps' yard
with the Smithy.
___________________John Rees

James Coles alias Farmer. I live at Pillgwenlly. I am known by the name
of Farmer. I am employed in the Smiths shop of Mr W. T. H. Phelps
at the Waterloo Yard Pillgwenlly. On Monday morning the 4th of
November instant myself and Rees were on the tram road we

[in l. margin:]
Notice of Chartist coming
(a) Charles Waters
Frost asked Boys where Soldiers were
Order March
division divided

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