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which I believe to be a double barrel one, I can't swear to that I know he had a Gun
- as he was marching along he held his Gun towards the Windows in a threatening manner
as if there were persons at the Windows. I did not see him do anything further The first of the
mob had by that time come to the front door. I heard the leader of them say to us surrender yourselves
our Prisoners. I believe he was one of them who are now dead - Mr O'Dwyer Mr Hopkins the
policeman and Mr Venn were standing near me at the time when the Leader said surrender yourselves
as our prisoners said one near me said no never immediately that was said the Leader levelled at me. On
seeing that I pushed the door aside and it struck the Gun aside the Gun went off and it quite stunned
me, that was the first Gun that was fired just then I saw Mr O'Dwyer tumble down and I thought he had
been shot and that it was time for me to make the best of my way off I then heard a great many more
shots fired I retired into the house and went out the back door with some other Constables I just afterwards saw
Mr O'Dwyer and told him I was glad to see he had not been shot after the dispersion of the mob I again
came into the Westgate and saw several poor fellows lying in their blood I am quite sure the prisoner Waters
is the person I saw with the Gun I have known him ever since the day Vincent was examined
Examd presence of Frost & Waters________ Thos Bevan Oliver

Samuel Simmons - Sworn Says - I am a Labourer and live at the Salutation in the Town of Newport
between 8 and 9 o'Clock yesterday morning I was at the Machine - I saw there a great crowd of persons some
with Guns some with spikes some with pikes and all kinds of tools, they were marching when I saw them they
went up the Lane by the Friars I saw ever so many at their head I saw Mr Frost as their head I
did not see him give any directions, the boys were hallowing and Frost put up his hands to stop them they
stopped at the Turnpike when Mr Frost turned round and told them they had better show themselves to
the Town first they went down Stow Hill Frost was walking down by their side - I walked down the Hill.
all the way with them I saw them go to the entrance Gate into the Westgate yard which they found
fastened - Mr Frost was then at the head of them I heard him say to the mob "now you must turn
round and make your appearance in the front
" I was not three yards from Frost at the time - I heard him
say nothing else, they turned round as he directed them, and went in front of the Westgate Inn, they
rushed in at the door, I heard the Guns fired and I went over to Mr Mullocks door - I can't say I know
the prisoner Waters - I did not see him in the crowd - It was nearly ten o'Clock I suppose the last
time I saw Frost near the Westgate

________The mark of X of Samuel Simmons

Edward Hopkins - Sworn - I am a police officer of Newport between 8 & 10 o'Clock yesterday morning
I was at the Westgate Inn at the entrance door I saw the prisoner Waters there I know him well he was
carrying a Gun I did not see him use it he passed by the door with the rest of the crowd armed I did not see
John Frost there I searched John Frost last night he delivered me the 3 pistols now produced they were there loaded &
capped he also gave up a flask & some bullets they were all on his person I searched the prisoner Waters, the 4 pistols and
bullets the powder flask and Lucifer matches now also produced were found on his person and taken from him by me and
in my presence - The pistols were all loaded and primed.

________________Edwd Hopkins

[in l. margin:]
Summons to Surrender
Betn. 8 & 9 Monday
gave no directions
Frost acting at Westgate
At the Inn
4th Novr
Did not see Frost at Inn

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