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Thomas Jones Phillips - Being sworn saith that he is a Solicitor
residing at Newport - was not present when the attack upon
the Westgate Inn - I arrived that morning (Monday 4th
November instant) about half past 10 by the Tredegar Coach
I saw the marks of bullets against the House - and also
a dead body under the portico of Mr Phillips (the Mayor's)
- I went to the Westgate Inn I saw several dead
bodies lying in front of the Westgate Inn
I also saw
several dead bodies in the interior of the Westgate Inn I
went up stairs and saw Mr Phillips (the Mayor) I saw that
he was wounded I saw the wound in his Arm whilst the Surgeon
was dressing it. - it appeared a bullet wound I also saw that he
was wounded in the side I assisted the Magistrates in taking evidence
I was present and took the information of parties who inculpated
John Frost as the ring Leader of the riot - Upon that evidence
the Magistrates granted Warrant for the apprehension of John Frost
And also to search his house for papers - I volunteered my Services
to execute the Warrant to search the House of John Frost - I went
to the House of John Frost attended by the Superintendant of
police and a party of Special Constables - I did not find him there
- this was between 5 and 6 o'Clock in the afternoon of that day
- I proceeded to search the House having informed Mrs Frost the
the object of my so doing - I seized all the papers I could find
of the description I considered I was authorized to seize of his
Manuscripts - The Magistrates had agreed to offer a reward of
£100 for the apprehension of John Frost for High Treason
- Bills offering that reward for his apprehension were issued
- I do not recollect seeing them before I meant to execute
the warrant - I know John Partridge the Prisoner - I have
known him for several years - I know that he has been
very intimate with John Frost for many years - I know
that he has been the Printer of papers which John Frost
has been the author of - About seven o'clock in the
Evening of Monday the 4th of November instant I went

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