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to the prisoner's Partridge's house and attempted to open the
front door but found it fastened. I then knocked at the door -
and I heard Partridge's voice inside - I said "Partridge open the
door" he said I am gone to bed - I think his voice came from
the first room I entered - When he said "I am gone to bed"
I said "get up and open the door for if you don't I shall
force and open the door - I was attended by Mr Stephen
a Grocer of this town - I put my shoulder against
the door and forced it open. I heard the iron which appeared
to fasten the door fall down inside - as soon as the
door was opened I saw a person standing within 100 yards
of me inside the house whom I found to be Mr John
- Mr Stephen Rogers laid hold of him by
the collar
of his coat on the one side and I on the other - We both
said "Mr Frost you are our Prisoner" he said "very
Well I will go with you directly" I said "no we are not
prepared to take you now" - You must wait a little" Mr
retreated to the fire place - I saw Partridge in
the same room with Frost when I opened the door
he was not undressed and could not have been in bed
when he answered me that he was in bed - there was
not time for him to have dressed - I told the Prisoner
that we were come to search for Manuscripts - He took
a Candle and shewed me into an adjoining room and
gave me two files of Manuscript papers which were
brought into the room where Frost was - Whilst I was
examining the papers Mr Frost came up to me and
asked me by what authority I took the papers I told

I did not think it necessary to tell him by what authority
I acted - He told me "if you expect to find any of
my manuscripts here you will be disappointed I told - I
did not expect to find them there as I had found them
elsewhere and secured them already Charles Waters was also
in the same room in the Corner with Frost and the
prisoner [-] We also took Waters into custody - Frost and Waters
were brought down to the Westgate Inn and searched -




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