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- 3 pistols with powder flask and bullets were found
upon Frost and 4 pistols powder flask bullets and
Lucifer matches were found upon Waters - The pistols had caps
on some were primed and appeared to be loaded - Frost
was very wet and appeared to have been out - he asked
to be allowed to dry himself - he told me that he
had taken his Trousers off and had borrowed a pair of
the prisoner - He asked me to be allowed to go into his
house which I refused but offered to send for any thing
- He appeared much harrassed and fatigued - I apprehended
the prisoner considering he was harbouring Frost and
Waters who were there for the purpose of concealment - His
hesitation to open the door and his stating that he
was in bed which I considered impossible led me to
apprenhend the prisoner - It was quite impossible for
the men (Frost and Waters) to have been in the
prisoner's house without his knowing it - the house is
a very small one - The prisoner did not say that he
did not know Frost and Waters were there - I found
upon entering the house the prisoner John Frost and
Waters were in the room together
_________________Thomas Jones Phillips

X By the prisoner (d) When I opened the door the
prisoner had his Coat and Stockings off - I saw him put
on his Stockings in my presence - The prisoner Partridge's
is situate in a Lane near Pentonville in the Borough
of Newport

_________________Thomas Jones Phillips

Frederick Wood Sworn says I am a printer - I know the
hand bill now produced - it was printed at the Merlin
the Copy came into the office about 4 o'Clock in
the afternoon on Monday last the 4th November about 50
of them were printed before 5 o'Clock and between 4 and
6 o'Clock 150 more 200 were printed in the whole -

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