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I delivered about 20 of them to Michael Daley a boy
in the Office - It was just before 5 o'Clock I
delivered them to the boy I delivered them to the
boy to post up about town
__________________Frederick Wood

Michael Daily (Sworn) States I am a Sticker of bills
for the Merlin Office - I know the bill now produced
I received about 20 of the same bills from the
Merlin Office
on Monday Evening last about five o'Clock
for the purpose of being stuck up about the Town - I
knew the prisoner's (e) house - He lives at the top of
Pentonville I stuck up the bills I stuck up one
about 100 yards from the Prisoner's(f) house it was light
when I posted up that bill - there was a Gas Light
at the corner - there was no gas on then - when I
posted it there were a great number of people to read
it - they were reading it aloud and one man said
there was enough of that sort put up - I did not
see people collecting and talking about it - I did not
see the prisoner (g) that day that I know of - I am
employed by the Merlin Office to stick up paper about
the Town
_______________The mark of X Michael Daley

John Partridge the prisoner being called upon to
make his defence and duly cautioned states
I was going by Mr Hawkin's with a parcel on
Monday morning last Mr Hawkins was standing by the
door as I passed by - I took the parcel down to Mr
he is a Collector of money for the Merlin and
I saw Mr Hillman and he asked me when he should
have the remainder - I told him I thought he should
have them down in a very short time - a coming up
from there I went with William Legg and while we
was standing there there was a great crowd coming down

[in left margin:]
(e) Partridge
(f) Partridge
(g) Partridge

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