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Stow Hill from the Hills and said I to Williams we had
better go out of the way and says he where shall we
go and said I, I should like to have a Glass of Beer
and perhaps we shall be out of the way - Says he
the public houses are shut in Llanarth Street perhaps
we can have a drop at the top which is the Friars
we went in Isaac Williams and we had one
pint of beer - we stopped a considerable time in drinking
that one pint of beer because we were afraid to go out
when we come out I said we had better go this
way and along the Canal - we went along the Canal until
we came up to the Bridge which crosses the Town Lock - we
went to that Bridge and I said Ill go over the other bridge
and go up Mill Street and go home I stopped a considerable time
at home and I comes up the Cross Keys Lane and up Corn
and I went into the Ship and Pilot boat (Watkins) I stopped
a long time at the Ship and Pilot boat and until it came nearly
4 o'Clock in the afternoon I went from there down the same way
as I came for to go home I called on William Meyrick he keeps a
Beer Shop in it on my way home I called for a pint of beer
there was Mr Chissel the Butcher and his Son was in there in the
Kitchen. I was not there very long before Waters came out of a room
into the Kitchen where I was in his name is Charles Waters - Says
Waters to me "how do you do Partridge" "I am very well says I" how
do you do Mr Waters" Waters says he "I am very tired - I
want to lay down" says he "Well says I "my wife is gone up to
Abersychan this fortnight - She expects her daughter to be confined -
you can come and lay down in my house" Well we went into the
house and sat there a few minutes - as you are tired Waters says
I you had better go to bed - Well in a few minutes I went
into the same bed with Waters - it was about 6 o'clock or not
quite so much - it was getting dark - I left my daughter down
stairs a sewing After we went to bed I went to sleep of
course - Some time after my daughter comes up to me and wakes
me says she Mr Frost is down Stairs ffather said she and
we both got up and went down Stairs and said he Partridge




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