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says he I am very wet and very tired - I want some thing
to eat - have you got any thing in the house - and I told
him "no indeed Mr Frost I have no Cheese in the house
and no cold meat - I have bread - He asked me if I would
get him some thing to drink and a bit of Cheese - I told him
that I would send my daughter to see if she could get any -
She got half a pound of Cheese and a quart of beer and
while he was in the act of eating the bread and cheese
Mr Phillips came in - Mr Phillips took my papers - If I
have done any thing I am very sorry for it - I have a
very large family.
___________________John Partridge

For the Defence

William Leg - (Sworn) I am a Boot and Shoe Maker I live in Wedlakes
- On the Monday morning last I remember some Chartists coming
down Stow Hill - I was by the bottom of Charles Street when
they were coming down - I did not see the prisoner Partridge
there at that time - it may be then near 9 o'Clock - I saw
Partridge about 20 minutes after 9 - by Mr Williams the Auction
room in Commercial Street
- he was going up towards the Westgate -
he asked me if I knew where he could get a cup of beer - I told
him I did not suppose he could get it in Town - he was very likely
to get it down at Isaac William's the Friars Fields - we went together
to Isaac William's - when we stood by Mr Williams' Auction Room the
firing at the Westgate was over - it had been over 10 minutes or a
quarter of an hour before there had been hundreds running down from
the Westgate before that and they were then continuing to run - he
told me we were a great deal better off than going near them at all
- When we came out of Isaac Williams' he said to me we had better
not go up Town we had better go up along the Canal bank - the
affairs here was all over then - I am not a Chartist - I never had
any thing to do with them - This was after the riot - I had not
seen him on Monday morning last at any time previous to the
attack upon this house
________________________Wm. Legg

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