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fire - I saw the first attack - it was made by the Chartists
and no shot was fired at them until after the mob entered
the house and fired - when I turned back after Partridge passed
me and I saw the Chartists coming Partridge must have
seen them -
___________Isaac Evans

Jeremiah James - Sworn (Says) I live in Commercial road - I
know John Partridge the prisoner - I saw Partridge the
prisoner at Watkins the Ship and Pilot at 7 o'Clock on last
Monday morning - He came in cursing and swearing and said
there would be such work done at Newport that day as never
was before - I was quite alarmed and frightened and went away
- my son was with me - at that time nothing openly had been
done in Newport - there was 3 or 4 that heard the same
Watkins was there and his brother was there - Mr Hutchins was
there - I did not communicate what I heard to the Mayor
I was so frightened that I went to protect my wife and family
______________Jereh James

Amelia Partridge (Sworn) States my father came home with Waters about 7 o'Clock
on Monday Evening last - they sat down - they had their Supper they went to bed
- not directly - I can't tell how long it was before they went to bed - John Frost
came in while they were in bed - I and my brother were sitting down by the fire
when I heard a foot step come from the door to the window and afterwards to the
door and then John Frost came in - the door was locked and he knocked at the
the door before he came in I asked who was there - he said open the door - I did not
know his voice - I opened the door without hesitation - when he came in I knew him
he asked me where my father was - indeed I can't tell what time it was - it was
about half an hour after father went to bed - Father went to bed - seven I think -
I told Frost father was in bed with Mr Waters - Frost told me to call him up -
I went and called him - I told him Mr Frost was down stairs and wanted to see him
I believe my father had all his clothes off then - my father got up then and came
down stairs he came before Mr Waters - he went to the fire and said nothing to Mr
he was surprised to see Mr Frost - he did not expect to see him - he did not
ask him why he did not go to his own house - When Mr Waters came down
he and Mr Frost whispered together - I did not hear what they said to each other




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