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- I did not hear what Waters and father talked about when they were at
supper - Waters was not in the habit of coming to our house - he had never slept
there before I have known my father at other times go to bed at 6 or 7 o'Clock
when he was tipsy and when he was sober he got up that morning about 8
o'Clock it was light when he was called in the morning - I don't know what time
it was light in the morning he had no clock in the house - it was more than
half an hour after it was light I don't know who it was called him - Some one
came to the door and called Partridge I know Henry Frost he is a son of John
- I am quite sure I don't know who called him I did not see the voice
I did not see Henry Frost on the night before - Henry Frost has some time
back been in the habit of taking papers from John Frost to my father and from my
Father to John Frost - but not lately - he has done so about a month ago - I went out
directly Frost came in - I came down Town for some cheese and beer My father
told me go for some Cheese and beer Mr Frost gave me a shilling to go out and fetch
some Cheese and beer - I did not hear Frost say to my father that he was wet and
hungry I went up stairs to put my younger brother to bed - I came down again
Frost said nothing to me then - When I was coming down stairs after -
putting my brother to bed Frost gave me the Shilling and told me to get some
cheese and beer I did not see Frost with a pair of my father's Trousers on I
___and his shoes very dirty I did not look at them I did not observe
___ that his Clothes were very wet
did not see that Frost s feet were very wet^ I did not see him drying any
thing by the fire - I heard not but what I have stated said by Frost Waters or my
father before I went for the Cheese and beer - When I went out for the Cheese and
beer I had to unbolt the door I dont know who bolted the door after Frost came in
I did not do it - I did not see Frost do it - When I came back with the Cheese
and beer my father came out to meet me - he said nothing to me - Frost and
Waters were up stairs when I and my father went in with the cheese and beer I don't
know whether they had gone to bed the door was open when we came back - As
soon as I put down the Cheese and Beer I went out again down to a
neighbours house just below - I went of my own accord - my father did not tell
me to go I did not like to stay in the house John Frost did not very often
come to my Father's house - he never before came there to dry himself - he had been
there before - he never came there before to eat Cheese and drink beer - I have been in
Frost's shop in high Street - Frost's house is a much better and more comfortable
house than my father's house - I was very much surprised to see John Frost come to
ask for Cheese and beer at my father's house - I don't know that there is any back
way from Frost's house to Pentonville I never come that way My father when




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