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This Prisoner will be
indicted for
High Treason

John Lovell's Case

Edmund Williams being sworn States - I am a labourer in the employ
of the Monmouthshire Canal Company at the Court y Bella Machine I
was near the Waterloo between that and the weighing machine between
8 and 9 o'Clock on Monday morning last the distance from the weighing
to the Waterloo is about a quarter of a mile - I saw a great
number of men coming from the direction of Waterloo towards the weighing
- the Waterloo is on the road side leading from the hills to
this place - most of those men were armed some with Guns some with
pikes and various other descriptions of weapons all of them that were in
front appeared to me to carry deadly weapons - I know the Prisoner John
quite well I see him now he was with the men coming
from the Waterloo towards the Machine he was armed with a Gun
there was a good many about 200 men passed me before the prisoner
passed me some of them in the crowd said to me as they were
passing "fall in" I did not fall in and when they joined I
was not willing to fall in they caught hold of me - I found
myself compelled to go and soon afterwards made my escape round
a corner - I was in the month of May last sworn in a Special
constable for this Borough of Newport I remember the day on
which Vincent was apprehended I was then on duty at the
Kings Head Inn
in this Town the prisoner was one of the
mob in front of the King's Head on that occasion - The Mob
that occasion conducted themselves with great violence they assaulted
the Special Constables and endeavoured to force their way into the
Kings Head
- The prisoner
knew quite well I was a Special Constable
-The second day after that I saw the prisoner Lovell passing by
the weighing machine he then made some observations to me
as to the Chartists he said is - Blank - there he is a damned
Special he has made himself damned busy and I'll fight any
Special among them for a Sovereign he then said you shall see
that the Chartists are not all dead yet - He said there shall
be some of you Specials who have been busy marked yet -
I did not go many yards with them before I made my escape
round the corner of my house when the prisoner said the

[in left margin:]
fall in

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