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Chartists are not all dead yet - Mr Morgan the Son of Mr Morgan
of the Machine
was present and might have heard what was
said the Prisoner was the only person whom I saw in the mob
that I knew -
______________________Edmund Williams

Francis Morgan - Sworn States - I keep the Machine at Court y Bella
and live there - I was there on Monday Morning last I saw a
large number of persons on that morning they appeared to me to be
coming from the Waterloo I thought they were all armed with Guns
pikes and various weapons that I never saw before - I know John
that prisoner I have been in the habit of seeing Lovell about
daily for some time past and I could not have been mistaken
in his person I can't say whether he carried a Gun I was so
much terrified I recollect the Prisoner speaking to me he said "is the
Chartists all dead my boy what do you think of us now
" I
made no reply and the prisoner passed on he never stood they did
not attempt to press me - I was in the habit of saying to the
prisoner when I saw him how are the Chartists going on now
and the prisoner was used to say "very well"
_____________________________Francis Morgan

Susan Stephens - Sworn Says - I keep the Six Bells Public House
at Stow
I was at home on Monday morning last I remember
to have seen a large number of persons passing by my house
most of those persons were armed I know John Lovell I should
know him if I was to see him now. I see him now
here I saw him on that day with a Gun in his hand
he was with the Mob, the distance from the Court y Bella
to my house by the Friars is not very far any
persons coming from the Waterloo towards Newport would
not come by my house unless they had particular business that
way I suppose it was after 9 o'Clock in the morning about
breakfast time.
________________The mark X of Susan Stephens

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