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Thomas Dyer - being Sworn States - I have lately resided withMr Phelps
of Stow Hill as his Butler - I was at Mr Phelps house the
whole of Monday morning last I slept in the house on Sunday
night - In consequence of some rumours I heard I was up the
greatest part of Sunday night and was on the look out on Monday
morning expecting some extraordinary event I saw about 9 o'Clock
an immense body of men coming down I should say between 4
and 5000 at least 4000 the front part appeared in military order
they marched in times they were all armed I saw a person in the
Crowd that I know - I know the prisoner John Lovell I saw him
marching with the mob, he had a single barrel gun in his hand
he saw me he called me by name and said come with us - I was
in the house and did not go I remained at home - about 10 minutes
after that I heard firing, it is 4 or 500 yards from the Six
to Mr Phelp's house where I was I know Lovell I remarked
a person in the Mob whom I afterwards saw dead in
the Westgate Yard
- it is from 900 to 1000 yards from Mr Phelps'
to the Westgate Inn - The mob which I saw passing Mr
' house
was coming in a straight direction to the Westgate
__________________________Thomas Dyer

Matthew Pembro' - Sworn Says - I am the Landlord of a public house
called the Market Boat on Stow Hill
my house is a couple or 300
yards from Mr Phelp's house - it is not so far from the Westgate
- it is about 200 yards from my house to the front door of
the Westgate Inn - I was at home on the morning of Monday
last - On that morning I saw a large crowd of persons coming down
Stow Hill in the direction of my house and of the Westgate - they
were a great number - I happened to look out at my door when the
first of them came opposite to my house and I was looking up
the Hill I could not see the remainder of them they quite filled
the street they were mostly armed I saw a man by the name of
John Lovell I see him now I mean the prisoner he was about 20 or
30 from the front I have known Lovell quite well he was used to
attend a Club at my house - I was in the habit of frequently seeing
his person and there can be no mistake about it he carried a Gun

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