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entrance of the Inn Lovell came round the corner of the house next Stow
and addressing himself to the Mob said "In my men" I heard those
words distinctly - after he said that the Mob instantly went up the steps
and attacked the house the front door was immediately forced in - the words
were said in a loud voice there had not been any firing previous to that
as they came on the door the Mob immediately fired - there had been no
firing from the interior of the house or any other place before the house was
charged by the Mob, or before the house was entered by the Mob and the mob
fired - previous to the firing by the mob the lower part of the Shutters were
closed, having a light from above but no person outside could see into the house
over the lower Shutters several shots were fired at and into that room by
the mob before the Shutters were opened after that I saw the Shutters were
opened as soon as I saw them opened I ran in - I ran up stairs before I
saw what was coming I saw the first transaction afterwards I saw the first
men falling he fell from a shot out of the room fired by a Soldier I believe
he was shot in the shoulder I believe he had a Velvet Coat on - I saw
no firing by the Mob in the Street after the Military began to fire
there were several shots fired between the yard door and the window after
the first man fell the mob were defeated repulsed and away in every
direction I saw 9 dead bodies altogether 4 in the Street and 5 in
the Inn I had not see the prisoner for some days previous to that a
little since I kept an Inn in this Town the Chartists meetings held there
at first - I joined them - I paid them as a member I continued till I saw
they were getting on in a way that I did not like - till I thought it
would end in violence I came to that conclusion from the speeches that I
was in the habit of hearing I therefore thought it right to withdraw from
the Association - Lovell was at that time one of the leading men on the
Committee - I never saw a meeting without him there - I never heard him
speaking there to the best of my knowledge - I left the house in the month of
April last they passed a vote of censure on me about 3 or 4 weeks before
that because I was a bad member I would not agree them I wished
to withdraw from them I have never since I left the house had any
conversation with Lovell on the subject of Chartism previous to my leaving
the house I heard Lovell say many times at the bar that they could have
the Charter and the Charter they would have I have heard him various
times say that if they could not have Charter by fair means they would

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In my Men
Mob fired first
no firing after Military fired
Chartist meetings held at Witness House
vote of censure on Witness




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