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have it another way I have reason to believe he has been a Chartist
up to the present time I have seen him always with them - I have
known him attend Chartist meetings called by Vincent previous to the
Mob firing the Soldiers could not be seen.

By the Prisoner - It was not the first part of the Mob that came
round that attacked the door but the attack proceeded jointly from the body
of the Mob and those at the end, the prisoner was between the Stow Hill
corner and the front door
when he said "In my men" The prisoner said
either in my men or in my boys I can't say which I heard him distinctly
I can't say the attack was more from one quarter than another they all
rushed forward and in my Opinion the prisoner was one of the first The
front door was neither open or shut it appeared as tho' some one was
holding it in hand for I could see the side of the door from my house
I consider the prisoner was one of the leading members of the Chartists Societies
when it was held at my house. The prisoner said in my presence
repeatedly they would have the Charter I have heard him and others at
various times when they have come down to the bar for a glass of beer say so.
Daniel Evans

William Parfitt Powell - Sworn - I am a Surgeon and assistant to Mr
of this Town I was on Monday last called upon to attend the
prisoner I think it was about 9 o'Clock in the morning it was soon after
the riot commenced I found him in bed at the house of a man named
Jenkins a Shoemaker it was not at his own house - a man who is now
in custody came for me I found him with a Gun Shot wound in his
thigh I am quite certain from the appearance of the wound that it
was a Gun Shot wound.
William Parfitt Powell

The Prisoner having been duly cautioned said - I will say this it
was asked of one of the Witnesses whether he had seen me previously
to Monday - I thought that you might think that I had been
out of the way in the brewing of this business previous to
Monday but I had not been out of the way.

The Mark X of James Lovell

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